The Railway that never was: Narsapur - Kakinada

A short history

In 1997-1998, a project for a railway line between Kakinada-Kotipalli and Kotipalli-Narsapur via Amalapuram was taken up, as suggested by MP Balayogi.

Under the first phase, a 45 km new line was laid with Rs.74 crores up to Kotipalli. This line was inaugurated in 2004.

The cost for the construction of the last part, Kotipalli-Narsapur - a distance of 57 km - was estimated to be Rs. 710 crores. This was mainly due to the need for the construction of three large railway bridges in the Godavari delta:
- over the Vasista between Kotipalli-Mukteswaram (bridge of 5 km);
- over the Vainateya between Bodasakurru and Pasarlapudi;
- over the Gautami between Narasapur and Sakinetipalli.

However, until now the project has not been finished. Even the railway traffic on the Kakinada - Kotipalli line has been suspended in november 2005.

In december 2005 the Wattman visited the line between Kotipalli and Draskharama.
To his surprise, there was some activity on the line!

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